Of Bad Condoms And Unwholesome Water



The declaration of over 100,000,000 condoms as unsafe by local authorities after their arrival in the country is as bad as the importation and use of expired water treatment chemicals.

The country of origin of the condoms, China, raises further questions about the quality of goods from that country. It would seem that importers prefer poor quality goods from that country as opposed to the superior ones because of the profits to be made.

The story of the expired water treatment chemical is still resonating across the country, as people wonder what effects the anomaly could have wreaked on consumers of the life-sustaining fluid.

The foregone is what has befallen Ghana recently and interestingly and sadly, only a few people have given a thought to the scary turn of events.

The condom story was yesterday given an international touch after the BBC flashed it. The unsafe condoms which are said to have holes in them among other defects and therefore unable to provide the protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, raise critical questions about the quality of work of our public service personnel, especially those who are remunerated to keep us protected against such dangers.

Some of the bad condoms, we are sure, have already found their way into some over-the-counter chemical shops in town, with negative consequences of course. The real cost of the anomaly might never be known, passing off as a social conundrum in diverse ways now or in the future.

Health is one department which should be spared the quality inconsistencies now bedeviling the country in general. The occasional announcement by the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) about poor quality or even expired medical drugs finding their way into our pharmaceutical system is something which calls for a major forensic auditing of how such items are given clearance to come to the country.

We are either faced with the challenge of people simply not doing their work or things just not working in the country. The fire brigade approach of sitting down as unwholesome items come to town only for us to raise our voices about the anomalies or making arrests is unacceptable.

The gleeful announcement about bad medicinal drugs in town does not present the staffers of the FDB as being diligent and meticulous. For us, those behind such announcements are just eager to catch media and public attention, and above all, to ensure that when the President wants to reshuffle they are spared the presidential discretion.

We have been told about how the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Water Company has been subtly relieved of his post- a casualty of the expired water treatment chemical. God save us.