When I Meet Akufo-Addo We Would Discuss Court Case – Mahama

President Mahama has conceded that selecting regional ministers for the ten regions of the country was his most difficult task as president.

This according to him, was the wide array of interest and pressure groups you would have to consult before you arrive on an individual for the position. He however denied that his decision to reshuffle all ten regional ministers after they were sworn in was a mark of indecision.

He explained that as someone who has served as minister before, he is aware of the various tribe and family factors that often choke you from concentrating on your core mandate as government appointee, hence the decision to move them all from their original region.

“I had to do wide consultation from the various regional caucuses then come to a decision on who is fit for the job and after they were approved by parliament then it means that they can also serve anywhere as regional ministers”.

Speaking on metro TV’s Thank God it’s Friday program, the president said though his first hundred days has been turbulent, he is grateful as the experience gathered within these challenging times have prepared him for the years ahead

When asked about his relationship with NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, President Mahama said though they were not close friends while in parliament, if they are privileged to meet they may probably discuss other issues including the court case.

“I wouldn’t say Nana Addo and I have been close pals but who Knows, when we meet today we may probably stand and discuss issues including the court case”