UT bank launches Bank on Wheels service

Business News of Saturday, 20 April 2013

Source: Joy Online

UT Bank, one of the top 10 banks on the Ghana Club 100 list, has introduced, for the first time in Ghana, two vans on which customers and prospective customers can access full banking services almost at their door step.

The service, described as Bank on Wheels, enables the bank to move its full banking services, including ATM, foreign exchange service, saving, loans transaction and others to markets, schools and various communities which do not have access to banking service.

Deputy Managing Director at UT Bank, Pearl Esua-Mensah, explained that it is expensive opening branches in areas where the returns are very little, but UT had always wanted to bank as many of the unbanked Ghanaians as possible and that was the motivation for the Bank on Wheels.

“This means the many Ghanaians who do not have time to travel long distances to banks in other towns, those who keep their moneys under their beds, and traders who keep moneys in their shops can now save and access their moneys safely and conveniently when UT‘s Banks on Wheels goes their way,” she said.

She said for starters there are two banks on wheels, which have already started going to some markets such as the ones in Kasoa, Nkawkaw and some deprived communities in and around Accra.

But with the full approval of the bank of Ghana, UT plans to bring in more of the Bank of Wheels vans to travel the length and breadth of the country offering banking services to Ghanaians.

“The bank on wheels will go to different areas on schedule so people just need to know when their turn is and then go to the bank,” she said.

UT bank also announced it would open six new branches this year, at Tamale and in parts of Accra and Kumasi.