REKOGNIZE must recognize their flaws and move on

Entertainment of Saturday, 20 April 2013

Source: Chuks Ineh-


It is no doubt that Planet One Multimedia has done a great job in the conception and execution of the 3rd Rekognize show. We are told that the show exposes young talents ready to mount the platform of fame and entertainment.

From our observation the present day contemporary Ghanaian musicians should buckle up with diligence because the future acts springing up are a bunch of great talents. The kids were all amazing, so it has not been an easy task putting this kind of event together.

The organizers, the sponsors, the participants all did a great job. One can hardly see such platforms for the young ones and this event must go on and receive more and more sponsorship.

However it is necessary that important lessons are learnt from this last edition so that better ones are rolled out next time.

Time Factor: When organizers set a time for a program, it is important that they start at the stipulated time. Whatever rationale organizers may present to refute wise counsel against keeping to time, changing this Ghana or African time culture can even begin with such youth program.

It will help the youths appreciate the value of time and how disciplined organizers are as well. Youths see organizers as their mentors and great example must be set for them.

Youths are under the protection and guidance of their parents and many times are not allowed to keep late nights because of the dangers associated with nocturnal activities. So many times event organizers tend to shift the blame to those attending the program but if the stage is not set, musical equipments tested an hour before the commencement of the event and every decoration done then there is a problem.

Event organizers sometimes blame the time to the management of the event premises. That access to it was late so there was limited time to prepare thus it affects. The program started very late around 9.30pm instead of 6pm.

Something designed for the youths should even start in the afternoon so that if at all unforeseen circumstances set in, youths can go home in the night and not early morning around 2.00 am in this case.

No Tags: It is important for people to identify who is who and who is doing what at a program. There was no way to figure out who was a media person, crew members and so forth.

This shows poor planning. To provide a tag is no big deal, many times we look at the bigger things and then ignore the little ones that matter most.

No Female Judge: This is not ‘Boys Boys’ show, this is a rivalry show, and this is for both genders. The question thus is, why should the Judges be made up of only Men? Three men were introduced as the Judges and no female at all.

The judgment of these men to me is without opposition, without that feminine touch and wisdom and thus flawed.

In today’s world, no amount of success can be achieved without the input of women. Women’s intuition helps, directs, and sets the tone right.

Such patriarchal order must be abolished. Next time make sure that there are more women in the Judgment panel.

Performers greater than Audience: When we look at the number of performers on the Rekognize face book page, one will quickly ask that how can all 260 performers mount the stage in one night show? How much time is allotted each performer?

The truth is that the numbers of performers were more than the 260. Those that did not perform on the night were more than those that performed. So the back stage was filled to the brim, and then another matter set in.

Even though your name was on the list to perform, however you needed to pay a little fee to now mount the stage. Some of the performers did not anticipate this and hence without the token could not perform.

Confused MCs: As far I am concerned there were Seven MCs at the show, the MC who introduced the MC who was rude and then the set of young MCs were ushered into the stage and then quickly removed to backstage to talk from there. So who was really the MC of the show? Since most of talents exhibited were musicals and no comedy, and I learnt the new GH comedian Ajeezay was at the back stage, perhaps they could have used him as MC and with his comical utterances could even avert the next point.

National Theater terminates the show abruptly: After many consultations with organizers to hasten their program, management of the National Theater decides to call it a night so that young ones can return home.

The beautiful red curtains rolled down to cover the Rekognize designed stage, the interior lights came alive, and with such development Judges hurriedly drafted their report, submitted and in the midst of closure, with a handful packed at the back stage waiting to perform, Rekognize came to an end. Not by their own free choice but as a consequence of their poor use of time.

The 3rd editions ended with great lessons for the organizers to learn and imbibe and prepare for a greater come back next year.