Nkonya/Alavanyo Sanction

Nana Okotor Kofi III and ogbe Tsedze Atakora VII

Nana Okotor Kofi III and ogbe Tsedze Atakora VII

The Volta Regional House of Chiefs has cautioned chiefs in Nkonya and Alavanyo to ensure that the peace process is not breached.

The Volta Regional House of Chiefs, who expressed commitment to the peace process, said the chiefs would be held responsible if their subjects in the respective traditional areas cause commotion in the area.

The President of the House, Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV, who gave the warning, noted that ‘sanctions will be placed on chiefs whose people commit any further crimes.’

The sanctions would, among other things, include the exclusion from deliberations of the House.

Togbe Afede XIV noted that the move would expedite the peace process and make chiefs more proactive and vigilant in ensuring that their commitment to peace is not hampered by the actions of people.

‘This means that the chiefs must keep their ears on the ground and isolate trouble-makers in their midst for arrest by the appropriate authorities,’ Togbe Afede noted.

The Vice President of the House, Nana Soglo Allo of Likpe, also called for sanctions from government.

According to him, ever since the dispute started in 1923, the chiefs have not shown interest in legality.

If they do not promote peace in the area there should be compulsory acquisition of the land in question, he noted.

This suggestion was backed by the President of the House, Togbe Afede, who noted that ‘we will support any directive of the government in ensuring peace in the area alongside the sanctions this honorable House seeks to impose.’

He expressed dissatisfaction with the fact violence broke out in the area after two chiefs, Togbe Tsedze Atakora VII of Alavanyo and Nana Okortor Kofi III of Nkonya pledged to promote peace in the area.

The two chiefs, in their declaration, called on all stakeholders to be open-minded.

The Fiaga of Tefle, Togbe Nakakpo Dugbaza VIII, counseled the two chiefs to consider their unborn generation.

He added that justice and truth were crucial in the peace process.

Osie Adza Terkpor of Avatime Traditional Area also observed that conflicts would not only affect the development of the conflicting areas, but the entire region and the country since investors consider peace and stability as key requirements.

Meanwhile, the Volta Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo and his deputy Francis Ganyaglo, who paid a courtesy call on the House, reiterated their commitment to the development of the region.

They assured the chiefs that they would welcome criticisms, contributions and reprimand.

From Fred Duodu, Ho