Kosmos Energy, two others deliver water to thousands in two districts

Kosmos Energy in collaboration with government and Safe Water Network have completed the construction of Modular Ultra Filtration water treatment plant for five communities in the Ellembelle and Jomoro districts of the Western Region.

The project will provide a minimum of 100,000 liters of clean drinking water per day and distributed to the communities of Beyin, Ngelekazo, Ekebaku, Nzulezo and Atuabo at the cost of a half a million dollars.

The plant, which has the capability to accommodate any future expansions of daily production, is currently fully functional with members of the community trained to operate it.

According the officials of Kosmos Energy Ghana, the completion mark the first phase, which will serve thousands of people in the communities. It said the second phase when completed will deliver water stations would serve more than 30,000 people, hospitals and educational institutions in several communities.

The Vice President and Country Manager of Kosmos, Ghana, Energy, Mr. Ken Keag, said “Our desire goes beyond providing water. Community collaboration and buy-in for the project is key, so that at the end of the day the community can claim ownership, with a sense of pride.

“It’s a great privilege for Kosmos Energy to work alongside these communities, to support them in developing the skills necessary to own and operate these systems for the long term” he said.

He said the ground breaking for the initiative took place in November 2012 for the construction of this new water station, which is servicing to communities along the River Amanzuri basin – Beyin and Atuabo, which face significant water challenges.

Mr Keag said in addition to the plant, pipeline extensions were laid to service the smaller villages of Ngelekazo and Ekebaku to enable them have easy access instead of traveling to the plant.

“A second phase of the initiative, which will continue in the latter part of 2013, will also provide clean water to other communities around the River Alehyiale basin”.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Safe Water Network Mr Kurt Soderlund said they were pleased to partner with Kosmos Energy, Ghana to improve the health and livelihoods of communities by building the local capacity and capability for them to own and manage their water systems.

Our partnership includes refining this approach so that it can be broadly replicated throughout Ghana for the millions still without safe water access.”

The Deputy Western Regional Minister, Mr. Alfred Ekow Gyan commended Kosmos Energy and Safe Water for initiative.

He deplored the recent pollution of water bodies in communities and said it was a threat to the lives of people in the communities near these rivers.

The Paramount Chief of Western Nzema Awulae Annor Adjaye II commended Kosmos Energy and its partners for the support to the community.

He said it was important to note that water was not replaceable and assured the company that his people would take good care of the facility.

Members of the community welcomed the project and said it was timely and would save them the problem of unsafe water related problems that regularly sent them to hospitals.