Human Rights Group accuses Ghana Police Service of acting with impunity

A human rights group is accusing the police of deceit and cover up in a shooting incident in which three purported armed robbers were shot and killed in Mallam-Atta in of Accra.

Eyewitnesses told Joy News the alleged robbers were unarmed, had their hands on their heads but were shot dead by trigger happy police men.

But the police hierarchy has dismissed the allegations. At a press conference, the Accra Regional Police Commander told press men the robbers were killed in a shootout.

PRO DSP Freeman Tettey said the deceased were actually on the wanted list of the police.

He insisted the three robbers were subdued by the police in a raging gun fire.

However the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative is contesting the claims by the police. The Regional Coordinator, Africa Office of the Commonwealth Human rights initiative, Mina Mensah told Joy News their own investigations prove that the victims did not fire back.

According to her, some of the eyewitnesses who spoke to the team of investigators intimated the victims were in a vehicle when the police opened fire on them.

The eye witness claim the firing was one sided, contrary to the claims by the police.

Whilst acknowledging the decision by the police to investigate the matter, Mina Mensah said there has been too many cases in which police have investigated shoot-outs but have not disclosed the findings.

The Police administration is insisting they did the right thing.

Freeman Tetteh told Joy News’ Bernard Saibu the personnel acted professionally in the incident.

He said the police have every right to defend themselves in the face of attacks by robbers.

He welcomed any decision for an external investigation, but assured that the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Bureau will do a good job in investigating the matter.