EbonylifeTV unveils Fattening Room


Barely three months after EbonylifeTv unveiled their first television series, they are warming up with another breathtaking reality TV show, “Fattening Room” which will soon debut on television stations.

Unlike the common reality shows, fattening room is entirely a very different and unique package as it aims at bringing the continent of Africa together and depicting the true picture of an average African tradition to the whole world. They spent 30 days on set.

Cast of the reality TV show

Cast of the reality
TV show

The series which feature six pretty ladies across the continent of Africa, like, Stephanie  Unachukwu, (Nigeria) , Rosdyn Ashkar, (Ghana) , Patricia Kihori, (Kenya) , Tshepo Maphanyanye, (Botswana) , Sally Berold, (South Africa) and Limpo Funlika , (Zambia), seeks to bring unity to the continent.

Shot in the ancient city of Efik in Cross-River State, the series talks about the various marriage traditions of  some African countries. It tells the whole world what an average African lady should be  before she talks about getting married to a  man. It thoroughly took them through the rudiments of African culture.

The show is a wonderful way of bringing unity to the continent as each of the ladies were opportune d to travel to different African countries in the course of the series. The actresses were left with amazing experiences as they never failed to thank the good people of Efik for their hospitality.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, held on the Lagos island, the producer of the series, Priscilla Mnzemiro said, the show was being produced to correct the negative impression people have about the culture and tradition of Africa especially, when it comes to marriage life. “ The show is meant to correct the bad impression people have about African traditions especially, when it comes to marriage.”

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