Abu Ramadan Likens Supreme Court Live Coverage To World Cup Tournament

The National Youth Organizer of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), Abu Ramadan, has likened the live telecast of the Supreme Court hearing of the Election Petition to that of a World Cup tournament.

According to him, the feeling one gets when watching a football match is the same feeling one gets when glued to the television set watching the proceedings.

“The Supreme Court has become more exciting even more than a World Cup tournament; playing football at the World Cup where everybody is glued to the Television or listening to commentary on radio. That is the same feeling with the live telecast of proceedings at the Supreme Court. Everybody is interested; even those you least expected them to be interested…they have adopted some interest for the case,” he asserted.

He was speaking this on the premises that the live telecast of the proceedings at the Supreme Court is good, adding, it will erase any doubts or misinformation that is being spewed by communicators of the NPP and NDC.

“My advocacy all this while is for a live telecast and thank God we have had it. Even with the live telecast, they are still misinforming the public. I think it is a good thing for our democracy that it is being telecast,” he added.

Abu Ramadan also advised National Television GTV and Radio Ghana to improve their coverage of the proceedings at the Supreme Court. Even though he commended them, he still urges them to have a better sound.