We Are Determined To Intensity Israel-Ghana Relations – Ambassador Sharon Bar-Li Assures

Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Sharon Bar-li

Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Sharon Bar-li

Accra, Ghana, 19th April 2013:Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Sharon Bar-li says Israel is determined to intensify its relationship with Ghana.

Addressing a gathering at the 65th Independence Day celebrations of the State of Israel at a colourful ceremony in Accra, Madam Sharon Bar-Ii said friendship and cordial ties between the two countries are precious and ‘we are determined to intensify them and make them into multi-dimensional ones– through mutual high-level visits, joint ventures, economic fairs and exhibitions and through the encouragement of our governmental as well as private sectors and people to people relations; and I look forward to the continuation of advancement of the Israeli-Ghanaian relations with great optimism and enthusiasm’.

Madam Sharon Bar-li explained that ‘the re-opening of the Embassy of Israel in Accra demonstrates Israel’s intent to regain its historical place in Africa and re-define its place within the regional arena in different platforms. After all, Israel is the only country in the world that shares a land border with Africa; adding that ‘between Ghana and Israel, there are fastening economic and trade relations. Israeli companies in Ghana are offering top Israeli technologies in the fields of agriculture, water management, medicine, communications, energy, infrastructure and homeland security, partnering with Ghana’s both governmental and private sectors’.

She noted that several developmental projects currently being embarked on and in partnership with Ghana and other state institutions based on knowledge sharing and capacity building, are an indication of Israel’s commitment to cementing the friendship that exist between the two countries. She revealed that Tamale will soon be a beneficiary of the Early Childhood Development programme, a project under Israel’s Development Agency – MASHAV- that works hand in hand with government to achieve the millennium development goals 2 of free, compulsory, basic education.The Early Childhood education programme started in Kumasi about four years ago and it is in its second year in Accra.

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