QIC launches innovative Kingly-Queenly motor insurance policy

QIC CEO, Kobena Enu Addison

QIC CEO, Kobena Enu Addison

Quality Insurance Company (QIC) has launched a new and innovative comprehensive motor insurance policy called Kingly-Queenly, which provides towing service for broken down vehicles.

Under the policy, QIC also provides the policy holder with a car to use for an agreed period when the customer’s vehicle goes to the mechanic for repairs.

Chief Executive Officer of QIC, Kobena Enu Addison told Adom Business the motivation for the policy was based on research, which showed that customers want to have a policy that covers not only accident cars, but also when the vehicle breaks down and becomes immobile without an accident.

“For us the added motivation is the human feeling to prevent the many motor accidents that happen because a damaged or broken down vehicle is left on the road or on the shoulders of the road and another vehicle runs into it at night and people die,” he said.

“Even if through this policy one life can be saved I believe it would have been successful,” Addison noted.

He also noted that QIC is the first in the industry to offer a service that gives customers a car to use while their vehicle is at the mechanic for repairs.

Addison said, under the policy, QIC also prompts customers to renew their driver’s licenses and road worthy certificates when the time for renewal is approaching.

“When the time is approaching for you to renew your license we will send you SMS or call you to go renew it,” he said.

This, he said, is to prevent the situation where people lose their insurance claims because of expired road worthy certificate and drivers’ license.

“We have witnessed many cases where people come to us to make claims and we noticed that either the road worthy certificate or the driver’s license had expired in excess of two years – we want to prevent that,” he said.

Addison said customers also have the choice of a tracking service at extra cost. This would mean QIC would track the customer’s car in the event it is stolen.

He said the company has included a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) bit to the policy, where part of the proceeds would be given the Pediatrics Department of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

“Already we have raised GHC20,000 last year from our other products and we will be donating to Korle Bu very soon,” he said.