Onicha-Ugbo monarch denies rift in Kingdom

By Hugo Odiogor, Foreign Affairs Editor
The Obi of Onicha Ugbo, Agbogidi Chukwumalieze1, has debuncked reports of rancour and strife in his domain, over the choice of Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu as the Odogwu- designate of Onicha Ugbo in Aniocha  North Local Government Area of Delta State.

Addressing media team that witnessed the “Ida Nzu” ceremony of Dr.  Kachikwu, in his Ezechime Palace, Onicha Ugbo, Agbogidi Chukwumalieze  said “the joyous mood in the town and festive  display by the family of the recipient of the title, contradicts media reports that the town was boiling or  experiencing any form of crisis,  over the choice of the Odogwu-designate, who is eminently qualified for the office.

Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, the Executive Vice Chairman of Exxon Mobile and publisher of Hints magazine.

According to the Obi, the “Ida Nzu” or the Chalking ceremony,  is the first step towards the official  conferment  of  the title which is the third most powerful cabinet title in Onicha Ugbo’s traditional Political institution.

Agbogidi Chukwumalueze said “ media reports that Onicha Ugbo was in turmoil over the choice of Dr. Ibe Kachikwu was mischievous and untrue,at least those of you that have witnessed the “Ida Nzu”, ceremony can attest to the spontaneous display of joy, goodwill and solidarity among the people,  there is no part of the town that was torched and nobody has been charged for breach of the peace, so the story that Onicha Ugbo is boiling is untrue”.

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