Kwesi Pratt Questions Live Telecast of Court Proceeding: "CJ Was Wrong…She Is Not Above The Supreme Court"

Kwesi Pratt Jnr. has registered his displeasure with the ruling by Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood to allow a live telecast of the election case at the Supreme Court.

He said the Chief Justice was “wrong” to usurp the authority of the Supreme Court after the nine-member panel had assented to hear the case off the media cameras.

Without mincing words, Kwesi Pratt, Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper and an outspoken Socialist, stated emphatically that the Chief Justice had no authority “whatsoever to review a decision of the court.”

To him, she goofed when she overruled the decision and allowed cameras into the courtroom to televise the ongoing case between the three NPP leaders and the Electoral Commission, challenging the legitimacy of the President.

He questioned the authority of Mrs. Theodora Wood on Peace FM’s morning show “Kokrokoo”, asking “does the Chief Justice have authority to overrule the decision of the court? She doesn’t have even administratively.”

According to him, “once an administrative matter is determined by the court in session, it ceases to be a mere administrative matter. It ceases to be a mere administrative matter, it can only be changed through a review”, therefore her decision to allow a live broadcast of the case is a breach of the process.

He was therefore unhappy with the Chief Justice’s authority going against the initial decision of the court because in his view, she has “no power whatsoever to review a decision of the court. She has no such power. In fact, the Chief Justice, herself, is subject to the ruling of the Supreme Court. She’s not above the Supreme Court. So, in this respect, I have a big big problem with how this matter was handled.”

“The Chief Justice was wrong to do that and that does not mean that showing the thing on television was right or was wrong. I’m not interested in that, I’m interested in the process and I think the process was wrong,” he insisted.