I have done a song that will live after me – Jaywon

To the average music follower in Nigeria, Jaywon needs no introduction. His fans nicknamed him “Oba Onitinko” after he dropped his debut album, Tinko Angel. Also ‘Oluwajuwonlo’ came into the limelight courtesy of that popular song, ‘Fi-Le-Be’ which  made Kenny Ogungbe to sign him on. Jaywon, who recently spoke with our reporter IYABO AINA said he has done a song that will live after him.

What’s so special about the new song ‘This Year’?

It’s the grace of God and the urge to do something different. I just needed to be different from everybody and that was what brought about the song and since it’s release and everybody seems to love it. In the industry, everybody is talking about it but we give God the glory that we could bring out a song that everybody loves and we thank all the fans who have been supportive; those who have been there since the beginning and they are still very much around.

I won’t lie to you, the song has done very well in the short time of its release. As a matter of fact, the same song brought me back to the music scene and put me on the lips of every music lover in and outside the country. They have been calling almost everyday requesting for this same song. We just give thanks to Almighty God and to all the people that have been encouraging us, especially our friends in the electronic media, print media, radio Djs, presenters and bloggers. I thank everyone for being supportive to my career.



I have been working, I have been on tour and at the same time doing a lot of things underground. You know, while on tour, a whole lot of things happen; there are songs that people want to listen to like Gbongbon, Filebe, Facebook Love and at some point, they couldn’t get these songs and people started wondering where’s Jaywon but what I believe is that God’s time is the best for everything and when God says yes, nobody can say no. When we released this song This Year – Odun yi, I personally didn’t know it would be this successful. It is not up to two months and its video is not up to one month but the song is everywhere. A lot of people are talking about it.

With the rate of response the song has attracted, what do you think is going to happen to it in the next two years?

I’ve been very much around dropping songs into the airwaves with the same connection and promotions trend but it’s just that this song has been a crowning blessing to my other efforts.

What are you working on at present?

At present, I’m working on an album. A lot of songs are going to be released pretty soon. I have been working with different producers, so just watch out for different kinds of tunes and different kinds of music.

What should your fans expect from you in your next album?

People should expect something different, not the regular gba gbo gba music, because right now, we are taking it back to the roots and  if you listen to the song ‘This Year’ and you compare it with the old song, you will feel a whole lot of juju, highlife and pop tunes in it. So, we are doing a lot of different tunes together, songs that the elders would be able to listen to, dance and appreciate. So now, I’m much interested in doing a song that is going to have the flavours of juju, highlife and pop tunes in it.

Does that mean you are changing your style of music?

I just want to do something  different from what everybody is doing. I just want to be on my own. I just want to create an avenue where people would differentiate my style of music and know that this is Jaywon.The kind of music I was doing then is a blend of pop, RnB and Dance-Hall. Yes, I did those styles of music which made me travel out of the country in just two-three years, but this particular song ‘This Year’ has really changed a lot in me since the day of its release. Everywhere I go, people always pray for me and everywhere people are saying, yes Jaywon, you just got the music right, this is an evergreen song and people tell me this new song would definitely live after me. I don’t think you know what that means to Jaywon? Some also say that after Jaywon has  died, his children and grandchildren would still be singing it, do you understand? And if I can release a song like that and people love the song this much, what do you expect me to do? It’s much better for me to stay on that lane and keep doing that same style of music.

What is happening in Kennis Music?

Everything is looking so good  and since I personally dropped this song, ‘This Year,’ everything has changed for better and all the artistes under Kennis Music Record from Joe El, Minijin, FEMI, everybody has been itching to bring out a new song. Many of them have released their singles and are still working very hard to get that song that will get across to everybody and I personally thank God that I did that song everybody has been looking for and everybody is loving and it’s a big shout out to all Kennis Music team for being supportive.

Is it true that Kennis Music abandons its artistes to face the struggle alone?

This issue of a thing happens everywhere, there’s no record label in Nigeria that has no problem either from the artistes or staff. To complain is just a normal thing. If you go to other companies, people would still complain of mismanagement  in one or two areas. It’s a normal thing to complain and it will get to some point that you just have to stop complaining and face the work, but for me, I don’t complain of anything. I just want to do my job because it’s my life and career, but if you have a boss and he or she is not doing what he or she is supposed to be doing, you just have to do it yourself and if your boss is ready to work with you along the line, then you guys should work together . As you want your boss to carry all the attention and responsibilities on his head, he or she has his own esponsibilities hanging on his or her neck and other unfinished businesses he or she might be thinking of. So, you just don’t need to put everything on your boss, you need to do something on your own. I can tell you that the amount of money and strength I personally put in this new song is working for me today.

What about your song titled Catch me if you Can?

Well, the song ‘Catch me if you can’ featuring Ice Price and Ryhno, is one of my craziest songs that is enjoying massive airplay, though  ‘This Year – Odun Yi’ is overshadowing it because everybody is now talking about it and its toping most music charts and it’s a big shout out to Ice Prince and everybody in that song.

What are the gains and pains so far in your career?

So far, the gain has been working for me, despite the fact that money isn’t coming in yet but hopefully, this year is going to be different and better because already everything is looking great and we give God the glory.

Do you still consider yourself as an upcoming artiste?

No, I have been on top of my game since three years ago but the thing is that we are still growing but we have covered 70 percent of the journey while 30 percent is yet to be covered. I believe that soon, we should get closer to where we are going but I have been at the top of my game in the past three years and I don’t need anybody to tell me that. It’s obvious, but we have a target to meet.

How do you cope with female admires?

I cope well with them. I know how to treat them fine and how to make them happy and also how to time myself; when to get close to them and I limit my hanging out with them because there is time to play and time to work but if I wish to get anybody impregnated or get married to anyone, I’m ready and nobody is going to stop me. I have a girlfriend and we are in a serious relationship and she also understands the nature of my job.

But it was said sometime that you have a wife and child in your hometown?

I don’t have any child, wife or secret lover in my hometown, that’s not true; it is absolutely a fake and fabricated story.

What is your involvement in politics?

I’m not going into politics and more so, every artiste in Nigeria is connected to one or two politicians, but in the recent times, the likes of my state deputy governor and other prominent people in the state have been calling me for one or two things because I’m also working on a project over there.

Do you have any political campaign contract?

None at the present, and if it comes, fine. Yes, anything can happen because I’m doing this for my state and not just anybody but my people, because there’s no place like home.

If you are not doing music, what will you be doing?

I’ll always and always do music because music is like a way of life to me not just as a business and it’s very spiritual business and until you see music as way of life then the music will see you too.

Do you take music as a career?

I take music as a way of life, if I should see music as a business, I won’t release this song ‘This Year – Odun Yi’, most of my friends asked me why I shot the video of this song, it’s a risk at the moment; wasting so much money on such video isn’t worth it even I too didn’t believe that the song is going to be this big but I just wanted to sing the song.

Your words of advice for upcoming artistes

Keep doing it yourself, don’t let anybody deceive you to do what is not right, believe in yourself and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it or achieve your aim because to make money is for all of us and to live a meaningful life is everybody’s dream. So keep closer to your God and be prayerful because it’s only God Almighty that has answers to every request.

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