Eddie Watson gets closer to his fans

Television of Friday, 19 April 2013

Source: Yemoh Ike


In fact, we’ve started liking Eddie Watson’s fan page. We were so surprise to see the actor buy five V.I.P tickets for his fans from his fan page during the premiere of his latest movie ‘House of Gold’. The three ladies and two gentlemen were so shocked with the level of ticket he got for them.

“I sent him a message on his fan page account and told him I was stranded at the entrance and not long he arrived. I don’t know how but he asked if I was Comfort and when I said yes he bought me one V.I.P ticket”, one of the ladies said with joy.

We are informed that Eddie and Jackie Appiah are working on a movie project as spouses for the very first time.

From a close source, it is alleged that Eddie Watson is planning of going beyond online with his fans after this project (next week).

In case our write up makes you to like his fan page and you fortunately land to have a celeb treat with him and his colleagues or whatever surprise he’s planning of doing, don’t forget to give us the credit, good luck.