Between John Dumelo & Harrina, who is the ‘maradona’?

Entertainment of Friday, 19 April 2013

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb


The whole issue started when a leak on the alleged marriage on the 11th of March 2013 between Ghanaian actor-John Dumelo and USA based Harrina Alexander. As it stands, we decided to see how the whole issue was going to end, but it seems every day there is a new twist to the drama.

At first we thought it was a mere case of publicity stunt as in the case of getting attention but not after an Accra based radio station-Peace Fm placed different phone calls to the two people involved to speak on air. Making this brief, we heard that one party wants to become famous; another party wants an American permit, this and that. The whole scene became and is still confusing.

Between John Dumelo and Harrina Alexander, who is deceiving the public? Why would anyone want to deny and shy away from the being a responsible man or woman? What is it about becoming a ‘star’? What is it about having an American paper?

After both John and Harrina have had their fair share of speaking on air, the issue is becoming more intriguing and funny. It’s becoming a case of one person playing the role of a ‘maradona’. They initially tried to make it vague but as it stands, so many unpredictable and contradictory insinuations have come out.

From our assessment so far, John and Harrina are dribbling and joggling Ghanaians and the world at large better than Maradona did with the ball way back. Just that they are waiting for the perfect ‘hand of God’ to ridicule themselves more.

Their antics in our opinion are strategic, selfish, and ruthless as they are both playing a smart card of who becomes the first opportunist. They are both manipulators of whatever deal they had or will have.

John Dumelo should come out clean by convincing us that the lady is trying to ‘use’ him to gain popularity. He should be man enough to tell his fans whose idea this was and why he got into the whole drama from the onset.

Harrina should provide evidences. She must know that there are prices to be paid in the course of becoming a celebrity. She must understand that self-advertisement as an attempt to become what many people have painstakingly walked into will only result in ridicule.

We are still watching from afar, but it must be clear that before any judgment is passed, there must be evidences beyond reasonable doubt because he who alleges must prove.

Below is the marriage certificate as leaked Johndumewahala3

John Dumelo & Harrina Alexander Johndumeloharribabe