Live Texts: Day Three of the Election Petition Case

It is Day three of the substantive hearing of the Election Petition case in which three leading members of the NPP are challenging the verdict of the 2012 General elections.

President John Mahama was declared winner by the Electoral Commission and the NPP leaders are seeking to overturn the results.

In Day two of the hearing, Dr Bawumia who is a key witness for the petitioners led evidence to what he claims were gross violations of the electoral process, violations which inured to the benefit of the president who is the first respondent in the case.

The hearing had to be adjourned on the request of the counsel for the petitioners Philip Addison.

Day Three
10:00 The nine panel of judges have taken their seats; counsels for both the petitioners as well as the first, second and third respondents have done same.

1010 Dr Bawumia mounts the witness box and he is reminded of the oath he swore the day before. He continues with his evidence.

Counsel leads witness into the affidavits filed by the second petitioner (EC) and seeks his responses.

1041 Counsel: Have you seen affidavits of the respondents?

Bawumia: Yes I have. Affidavits, except for the name of deponents all of them are the same and none of them addresses the issues.

Addison: How many polling stations did you look at in your observation.

Bawumia: 11,138. Witness asks if he could refer to his notes.

Counsel for the NDC, Tsatsu Tsikata requests that he provides the court with the notes he will be refreshing his mind with. Bawumia does so.

Bawumia says he had to reduce the number of polling stations from 11 842 to 11, 138 because of the inability to access some 500 pink sheets.