League 1: Chedjou hopes to finish second with Lille

At six days of the end of the League 1 championship, the final sprint shows hot. The race for the qualification to the Champions League started. If PSG seems to end in first position, Olympic of Marseille wants to keep the second place on the podium. Lille, fourth in the rankings intends to get the second place in the Champions League.

For Aurélien Chedjou for this second place currently occupied by Marseille is in no way misused. However, the Cameroon defender hopes to dislodge them during the last six days. “I’m not surprised to see them there. If they are 2nd it is because they deserve it. I would like to occupy this place. Today, if the championship stopped, we wouldn’t qualify for anything. They would qualify directly for the Champions League. We should not take away what they acquired (…) The Championship is weird. Everyone can beat everyone. The teams that play their survival will play whole-heartedly their luck, so I cannot assure you that they will remain there. I hope no because I want their place, “ said the Cameroonian defender of LOSC in the columns of the Team.