Lancaster University Opens W/A Branch In Ghana

By Bernice Bessey
Every year a large number of Ghanaian students travel to the United Kingdom (UK), United State of Americas and other European countries in pursuance of international undergraduate and Masters degrees to enhance the country’s human resource capacity.

Since the world is becoming more of a global village than ever before, Lancaster University and its partner, Trans National Education Ghana Limited, have opened an Accra-based campus to give the opportunity to Ghana and other West African students to acquire international degrees without travelling outside the continent.

The Special Advisor to the University, Prof. Robert McKinley, at the launch of the Accra Campus at the Movepick Hotel on Monday, stated that the university chose to establish a campus in the country due to the political stability, economic growth, peace and security that have been exhibited over the years.

According to him, the university was committed to producing graduates who have acquired the requisite skills and knowledge to meet Ghana’s industrial and societal needs.

Courses such as management, business, international relations, computer science, law and psychology and MBA programmes are some of the choice available to students.

As science has become a pivot of every country’s development, Prof. McKinley indicated that the university would introduce science courses after some years of operation in the country.

‘The university will attract academic staff and students from all over the world to the Accra campus, and encourage a high standard research among students. We are strongly committed to quality,’ he added.

Raghav Lal, Project Director of Trans National Education Ghana Limited, noted that the university was ranked among the 50 inaugural league table of the world’s best young universities, and played a leading research into the development of water saving techniques for agriculture, which had helped farmers in some of the driest regions of the world.

He added that the university had also played several leading roles into researches like controlling African armyworms and other crops insects around the world.