Fake Ghanaian medical doctor arrested in Lagos

LAGOS — The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and the Health Facility Monitoring Agent, HEFAMA, Lagos State, has arrested a 28-year-old  Ghanaian, Michael Akorful, for parading himself as a medical practitioner when he is not.

The suspect has been practising as a medical practitioner in a private hospital in Festac Town, Lagos until nemesis caught up with him last Wednesday after he gave wrong prescription to a patient.

According to Akorful, “I was in school in Ukraine but could not graduate and I ran away from the school because I was to be arrested for being a witness to a crime.

“One day, I went out to a joint with my friends where a fight broke out and somebody died in the process. The Police arrested the guy and was looking for me, so I ran away.”

On how he started practising, he said: “A friend of mine by name Obinna Uche, gave me the licence with which he was working to keep for him after he ventured into another business and when I ran away from school, I came down to Nigeria and began to practise with it.”

After interrogation, Michael admitted that he stole the licence from Dr. Abiwu Hilarious.

Dr. Henry Okwuokenye, HOD, Inspectorate Department of MDCN, who led the team said the licence was not given to Michael by anybody, adding that he lived with Dr. Hillarious for two months from where he stole his licence.

“From our investigation, it was revealed that he stole the document from Dr. Abiwu Hilarious Asiwome Kosi who resides in Ghana. When Michael came to us, he presented himself as the owner of the document and registered for our assessment examination that is done by all trained foreign medical doctors.

“He failed the examination twice and on the third seating, he passed and we gave him a provisional license. In the process of verifying his document, we discovered that his licenses were stolen from another doctor in Ghana and we contacted the Medical and Dental Council Ghana who gave us the relevant document and the real photograph of the doctor, who also wrote to us.

“Since then, we have been looking for him until report came to us that he mismanaged a patient, that was how we got his address.

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