‘Dumso, Dumso’ Scuttles SIC -Life Operations

From Sebastian R. Freiku, Kumasi
NANA OBUOBA Serfour Bofa, the Kumasi Area manager of Social Insurance Service Life Plan, a subsidiary of the State Insurance Company is complaining of the  effects of the ‘Dumso, Dumso’ phenomenon on the operations of the company.

He told The Chronicle in an interview that the operations of the SIC Life Service has, to some extent been crippled, following the spate of irregularities in power supply.

He said the situation is worsened by the fact that the company’s generator has broken down some two months ago in the face of the rampant power outages making it difficult to fast track services to customers.

The Area manager was reacting to complaints by customers that they cannot have easy access to money from their SIC Life accounts.

Peeved customers say they are being frustrated on daily basis by filling forms to claim their monies but are told to come another day which comes only to be told to exercise patience.

‘Anytime we want to withdraw money from our SIC Life account, they ask us to fill some forms and come the following day. When we come the next day, we still do not get our money but we are told to exercise patient’ the aggrieved customers fumed.

The complainants said they are in dire need of money to meet seriously commitments and can no longer afford to go through such frustrations.

But Nana Serfour Bofa has indicated that management is working to get a new power plant to serve as standby power supply when the lights go out.

According to him in the absence of an additional source of Power  supply, they would  adopt  the  manual system by writing down names and account numbers of customers on ‘first  come, first  serve’ basis so that the computers  would be fed  with the data collected  and enable  them to serve such  registered customers when power  is restored.

Until such procedure is completed payment would still be delayed, he said.

Nana Serfour Bofa, however, refuted claims by a section f the customers that SIC is bankrupt and on the verge of collapsing.

‘SIC General, Insurance, & Life is never bankrupt as it is being trumpeted. SIC Life needs stable power to fast tuck our work real quick to the delight of our customers’, the Company’s area Manager defended.