Dr. Bawumia Has Sworn To Deceive The Judges At The Supreme Court- Asiedu Nketia

General Secreatry for the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Johnson Aseidu Nketia has once again stated that he is over confident that at every new day in court, the petition of the New Patriotic Party disintegrates before the judges empaneled to lord over the case.

Speaking briefly after the proceedings at the court to the media, Asiedu Nketia emphatically stated that “for every passing day, the case of the NPP crumbles”.

He indicted Dr. Bawumia for telling lies before the court and added that “I believe going by his(Dr. Bawumia) own Bible, then it means the intention was to deceive the court”.

“I want to repeat that for every passing day, the case of the NPP crumbles further; and for every passing day, NDC becomes stronger and more confident,” he said.

According to him even though the case hasn’t reached anywhere, he can declare that the lawyers for the NDC have started punching holes into the evidence of the NPP and identified duplication of pink sheets with the same polling station results by the NPP petitioners.

An amazed Asiedu Nketia noted in his interview that he finds it intriguing that the same duplications presented by the petitioners, have been labeled differently and tendered in as evidence.