Dr. Afari Gyan Is Not a Demigod; He Should Have Been Arrested – Owusu Bempah

The Deputy Director of communication for the National Democratic Party (NDP), Ernest Owusu Bempah has described the attitude of the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan as snobbish, arrogance and bully as he (the commissioner) dictates and wants to be seen as untouchable in the country.

He stressed that Dr. Afari Gyan is not a demigod in the country to determine what should happen; adding that he should have been arrested, detained and interrogated if Ghana were to be one of the European countries to demand every information he has about the 2012 elections results.

Speaking on Okay FM, the leading member of FONKAR said that it is about time Dr. Afari Gyan rendered an account of the $300 million dollars he used to organize the elections since the people he contracted to preside over the elections are complaining bitterly for non-payment.

He further said that Dr. Afari Gyan has caused financial loss to the state by conducting poor elections; in that there were records of places where people voted without verification because some of the verification machines had developed fault.

The NDP communicator said that the ineptitude management of the chief returning officer has put the progress of the country in a stalemate, adding that the politics of the country is at the crossroad as a result of the commissioner’s inefficient administration during the 2012 general elections.

According to Owusu Bempah, through the conduct of Afari Gyan the country nearly went into anarchy because when the NPP raised a red flag about the 2012 elections results, the chief returning officer in his capacity to resolve the issue declared the winner for the Presidential elections, instructing the grieved NPP to go to court if the party had any issue with the results.
In view of this, he said that “if not the fact that Ghanaians love peace, there would have been horror in the country”; describing Afari Gyan as “evil man” who wants the country to experience a state of emergency.

He further said the attitude of Dr. Afari Gyan should be condemned outright; indicating that he has no right to talk about ethics of hosting event since under his leadership the rule that ‘no verification no vote’ could not held.