Court Evidence Show Statutory & Regulatory Malpractices In Ghana Elections 2012

Dr Bawumia presented evidence in court yesterday to show that the violations, irregularities and malpractices in the Dec7/8 elections were widespread, across the nation.

Dr. Bawumia’s full testimony was broadcast live and watched by many Ghanaians.

At Makola Market in Accra, market women gathered around stores that had TV and watched the presentation by Dr. Bawumia.

Outside the courts, police officers beefed up security at the Supreme Court and indicated that new accreditation measures will be instituted when cross-examination starts.

Yesterday, security agents at the court allowed journalists to carry cell-phones into the courtroom but that privilege was taken away today. The court plans to add new security measures going forward.

Security agents also plan to expand the barricade around the courts and close roads leading to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Bawumia said all his data came from pink sheets provided by the EC to the polling station agents.

Dr. Bawumia summed up his testimony by saying that 99% of the statutory and regulatory violations, malpractices and irregularities occurred under: overvoting, no biometric verification, duplicated code numbers and presiding officers not signing pink sheets.

Since the Supreme Court wanted to know if the evidence show violations, malpractices and irregularities and, also, affected the outcome of the elections and results declared by the EC, Dr. Bawumia’s affirmed that President Mahama did not win the elections on Dec 7/8.