Coral Delux Ghana Launches Anti-Insect Paint

Coral Delux Ghana yesterday added a new product to its product line- a high profile anti insect paint Artilin Vinymat Ultra Paint at a colourful and impressive launch at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra.

The new product, a technology based on Pyrenthroids birthed from Artilin, the biggest privately owned paint manufacturing group in Europe with its headquarters in France is designed to kill crawling and flying insects besides providing a house with beauty.

In his address, Mr. Luiz Carlos da Silver, Director of Coral Dulux Ghana, described the product as a major breakthrough, saying ‘We are extremely delighted about this breakthrough, our numerous customers now have an added advantage besides adding beauty to their homes-protection from insects.

‘Artilin Vinymat Ultra Paint is thoroughly safe for human beings and pets. Its efficiency in killing flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, dust-mites, termites and eliminating cobweb has been approved by European laboratories and government ministries.

‘The new paint, with a life span of three years acts by simple contact of the insect on the painted surface which has microscopic insecticide crystals which penetrates the insect’s legs and transmitted to its nervous system, paralyses it and dies in no time.’ He added.

‘Artilin Vinymat Ultra Paint, unlike other insecticides has no smell like toxic sprays, no gasses as those  used in fumigations, rather it serves as anti insects formula for families and for asthmatic patients  the new paint eliminates dust mites , thus reducing the incidence of asthma attacks.’

‘The new paint is available in white and in a variety of pastel shades, we consider it as the greatest technological advancement of our time, and I trust Ghana will embrace it.’

A powerful presentation was conducted by Mr. Joao Machado, Technical Director, CIN, South Africa.

CAPTION: Mr Joao Machado, Technical Director,  CIN, South Africa