Asiedu Nketia’s Work As A ‘Quack’ Lawyer Has Officially Come To An End

A member of the NPP’s legal team, Lawyer Buaben Asamoah, has subliminally taken a shot at the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Johnson Asiedu Nketia claiming that his era of deliberately twisting facts came to an abrupt end ever since the Supreme Court allowed live coverage of events.

He added that everyone was at liberty to watch the proceedings live as they happen and it would be absolutely wrong to depend on a ‘goro’ lawyer; to wit a ‘quack’ lawyer like Asiedu Nketia for information.

Asiedu Nketia, prior to the endorsement of live coverage at the Supreme Court, established himself as a social commentator who was always ready to assist listeners with details of what transpired at the court.

He was always ready to grant interviews to radio and TV hosts who approached him for scintilla details.

As part of Asied Nketia’s effort to say things which only favoured the NDC, members of the NPP jumped to the fray and countered his arguments by stating that he was deliberately twisting facts that popped up at the Supreme Court.

The lead counsel of the NPP legal team, Gloria Akuffo went as far as cautioning Ghanaians to ignore Mr. Asiedu Nketia since he had established himself as a “professional liar”.

Speaking on Okay FM, Lawyer Buaben Asamoah maintained that the NDC chief scribe had shown that he was only in court to watch the “concert party” acts he is known for.

Mr. Asamoah told the host of the show that with the help of the live coverage, Asiedu Nketia’s “diabolical” plots to knock heads around and create confusion in the country can never be effective.