Ashgold Ceo Advocates For League Kick-off Time Change

Posted On Thursday, 18th April 2013

A Ghana Premier League match between Ebusua Dwarfs and Hearts of Oak.

A Ghana Premier League match between Ebusua Dwarfs and Hearts of Oak.

AshantiGold Chief Executive Kudjoe Fianoo has added his voice to calls for kick-off times of  Ghana Premier League matches to be changed. 

The renowned football administrator says playing in the hot temperatures has health implications on footballers.

“The kick-off times must be changed to protect the health of players,” Fianoo told Joy FM.

“If my memory serves me right, I think in one of our deliberations, the medical committee of the FA even came up with a report that we (clubs) were punishing the players by playing at 3pm, it is something we need to look at.

“Don’t forget the scorching sun takes a lot of toll on our players so I will be the first person to advocate that kick-off time for the league be changed from 3 to 4.”

Last Saturday, Liberty Professionals striker Reginald Asante said the heat was not conducive for football and wanted the league’s controlling body to reconsider the kick-off times.

A change would require that some league centres must have floodlight for the late kicks but Fianoo believes the lack of it is no excuse.

“The four main national stadia should be used in the meantime while other centers put themselves in the position of hosting late kick-offs.”