47% IMANI rating Of Mahama’s 100 days, less Charitable- Political Scientist

Dr. Bossman Asare, Political Scientist

Dr. Bossman Asare, Political Scientist

A political scientist Dr. Bossman Asare has described the first 100 days of President Mahama as challenging and has pegged his performance at 55 percent adding that lMANI Ghana’s 47 percent was less charitable.

“There is an election petition in court, the hullabaloo from his ministerial appointees, labour unrest etc. all of these issues were expected to take him off guard but amidst all the challenges the system and society is still running”.

Speaking on Multitv’s pm:EXPRESS, Dr. Bossman Asare said, the president was yet to get the work done as he is still in the process of putting the governing structures in place, appointing and vetting his ministers.

He said although there should be policy guidelines to address the structural challenges in education, healthcare system etc. his ability to do so in the first 100 days in government is debatable.

He also censured government for allowing those on the labour front to lay down their tools citing the doctors’ strike as an example since that action in particular affected the vulnerable in the country.

For him the number of ministerial appointments was too huge for a developing country like Ghana but however called on appointees to live up to expectations.

On the galamsey menace, he recommended strong industrialization policies which will target the employment of Ghanaians particularly in the rural areas as a solution.

He commended President Mahama on beefing up security in his first 100 days describing it as a good starting point especially with intensified patrol across the country.

Bright Simons of IMANI Ghana admitted that the president could not execute his manifesto in 100 days in office but said they had to rate his performance 47 percent because he has not clearly outlined strategies to address some of the country’s challenges.

“There is a bucket of structural challenges in the Public sector, industrial policy, education, health financing and we have not seen the president come out with a clear strategy to transform those sectors. We are yet to know if health financing for instance should be administered on premium base or on a national taxation strategy, that should be clear in 100 days because they are strategy matters”.

The first 100 days cannot address completely challenges with galamsey operations but generally the mineral regimes are not robust enough to regularize small scale mining, he said.

Bright Simons called on the president to use the next 100 days to fill the gaps in the structural, cyclical and illogical policy making and further ensure its implementation.

Murtala Mohammed, Deputy ministerial nominee for the information ministry also on the show was astonished that Ghanaians were judging President Mahama based on his 100 days in office when he has a four year term.

“We cannot judge leaders based on 100 days, it is not done even in advanced democracies like the USA. President Mahama did not even promise Ghanaians he will achieve some things in the next 100 days when he assumed office like the late President Mills. One incident cannot become a tradition though justified”.

Murtala Mohammed said the ability of President Mahama to constitute his team is commendable and even more fulfilling his promise of ensuring a lot more women in governance adding that 40 percent of women appointees have been given the opportunity to serve already.

“We have challenges and people must look at it in perspective, the agitations on the labour front are all stemming from single spine and this is monumental because there have been series of labour unrest in all successive governments. Ghanaians must look at President Mahama’s ability to resolve these issues and commend him”.

He insisted that some challenges will not take only the president to fix though the president is in the right direction and providing the right antidote for the challenges the country facing.