The bad effects of the absence of civic education in Ghana

Feature Article of Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Columnist: Osei-Poku, Emmanuel

The absence of civic education on the rights and responsibilities of citizens of Ghana on the laws governing us. Civic education avails to all information about the responsibilities and duties we owe the State in relationship with the rights to be enjoyed as a citizen of Ghana.

A larger proportion of the Ghanaian mass do not take part in the state activities due to lack of education because they cannot grasp no meaning into them. The government must educate the people, this is the only way we can build on mass-participation in our system of government that is the government by the people, for the people and by the people. This will help citizens of Ghana to tap into the beautiful treasure of transparency in all state affairs.

I believe we build a nation together as a whole not selectively, the government must give the masses education especially CIVIC EDUCATION as a tool to participate in all state activities in relation to nation building. The course of rescuing the Ghanaian heritage must be fairly together otherwise the left-out proportion will draw the country back all the time as we are witnessing today. Countries build castles together not selectively or the uneducated citizens of the country after the completion of the castle will pull the whole castle down because they lack how to live well in the castle that is given by education.
We all recall the presidential candidate of New Patriotic Party was crying out for Free Education for Ghanaians in the 2012 election campaign that Ghanaians responded well to it soundly but failed to get the mandate to accomplish the mission due to his loss to National Democratic Party that is still under question by the Supreme Court of Ghana. NDC promised Ghanaians quality education ahead of Free Education and here we are crying over our bad educational system that as a student I can affirm to it as a fact.

Ghanaians knowing our duties and responsibilities as a citizen of Ghana and the rights attached to them is how we progress…

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