Teachers want scrabble game included in schools curricula

Lagos – Some English teachers in private schools in Lagos State have called on state government to include scrabble game into the primary and secondary schools curricula to increase the proficiency of students.

The teachers, who spoke in Lagos on Wednesday, added that the game would also assist the students in the development of spellings abilities.

Mrs Helen Morieke of Olufunwa Children School, Agric-Ojo in Lagos, said that scrabble had the capacity to increase the proficiency of students in the English and Mathematics.

“Scrabble is more than just a game because it increases the vocabulary of students as well as equipping them in the art of calculation.

“Government should be more committed to the inclusion of scrabble game into school curriculum because of its educational value for our youths,’’ she said.

Morieke said that scrabble competitions were now being held all over the world because of its importance in developing mental skills of individuals.

Miss Adewole Oseyemi, Christ Apostolic Church Nursery and primary School, Mile 12, said that the game, when introduced would give teachers less stress while teaching the subject.

“The inclusion of scrabble into the curricular will lessen the stress of teaching the English in the classroom.

“Some students need practical before they can assimilate anything, and involving the scrabble game and asking students to compete, will enable them spell, store and assimilate words,’’ she said.

Mrs Remilekun Durojaiye, Gracefield International School, Surulere, said that the game would help students to develop their vocabulary.

“The game will help build students vocabulary, especially at the foundation level.

“Teaching students from the nursery class with the use of scrabble game will help the students to really improve his or her vocabulary and spellings skills.

“Competitions can also be organise between students to enable them help each other in getting familiar with the words and letters,’’ she said. (NAN)

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