Stop the Sakawa politics – Bishop advises politicians

Politics of Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Source: GNA

Priest Collar

Ghanaians have been advised to stop the mad rush into politics only to amass wealth and live extravagantly at the expense of the suffering masses.

Right Reverend James Nana Ofori Atta, Presiding Bishop of the Action Chapel International, northern sector, gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the end of a special church service to climax the third anniversary celebration of the Abrepo Asubonteng branch of the church in Kumasi.

Bishop Ofori Attah likened the current ambition of some Ghanaians to go into politics to the situation where some youth rush to get rich quick through dubious acts like the popular “Sakawa” business.

He said, “While we advise the youth to work hard and make good use of their energies, time and talents, and rise steadily to the top, the same must go to our politicians whose ambition is to reap where they have not sowed.”

He expressed worry at the situation where lowly placed persons enter politics and within a relatively short period they are seen basking in riches with mansions and fleet of cars, while the people they profess to serve languish in abject poverty and social decay.

Bishop Ofori Attah said fame could not be compared to success; fame can be instantaneous, but success is a process, saying; “that is the way God wants all mankind to go.”

The Presiding Bishop urged politicians to be sincere and put the interest of the nation and its people ahead of their personal or selfish desires.

He advised the youth not to rush in life but take time and work diligently and success would surely come their way.

He also urged Ghanaians to believe in God so that He would lift them up from their downward lives.