Sit There And Rot! Fred Agbenyo Pounces On Critics

Fred Agbenyo, a member of the Communication team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asked critics to stop blaming President John Dramani Mahama for the challenges the country is facing especially in terms of water and energy.

According to him those problems existed before the President came into office, adding he should rather be commended for doing all he can to solve them.

Mr. Fred Agbenyo was reacting to critics who have ‘condemned’ the President for performing poorly especially within his first 100 days in office.

“The President has admitted that his first 100 days has not been easy; it’s been full of challenges which were there before he assumed office. The country was facing water and energy problems; it is not as if he was the one who created those problems. Even though we have not solved all the problems, there has been some improvement”, he posited.

He indicated that when the President came into office, he met all those challenges prevailing now; ‘but he is not pointing accusing fingers’.

“President Mahama is someone who did not play the blame game when he came into office. He has accepted everything and have started working on it; calling all Ghanaians on board because he knows he cannot do it alone…

It is very bad for someone to create the impression that nothing has been done and that we have imposed hell on the people of this country. If they still insist that nothing is going on, sit there and rot and you will see this country moving on,” he said curtly.