Is this your reason for your “boring modeling” or “show me your boxer pant and dark shades” kind of performance on stage? If this is the kind of excuse R2Bees, a group I am personally advocating for to win the artiste of the year Award at this year Vodafone Ghana Music Award will give to the public, their fans or better still tell the media, then I’m really disappointed at them, this dudes have a big problem. Excuse me! You guys need to come again.

I must say I’m really disappointed at these talented, self acclaimed “rap hip pop” musicians whom I happen to be a fan of after reading their story from flex newspaper and I quote “WE ARE MUSICIANS, NOT DANCERS”. Yes you are musicians, no two ways about that. But who said musicians can’t dance? If you guys think you are musicians and so shouldn’t keep your stage performances lively, then why dance or the use of dancers in your music videos? And who said if you are a musician you can’t perform? It looks as if these guys are indirectly telling their fans and the general public about how good they can compose good songs but lack the ability to perform because the fact that you can sing, rap or call yourself a musician gives you no reason to be modeling on stage to your audience. The group R2bees which is made up of Paedae and Mugeez are of course talented rapper and singer respectively but they really have to find a remedy to their boring modeling kind of performance at shows.

It a live show and for that matter as musicians have to give your audience a good show, occupy the stage, give the public a reason they shouldn’t miss out on your show or buy tickets to come watch you perform. You need to “wow” your audience, give them something to talk about when they get back home. If you can’t dance yourselves, you can still hire dancers or employ choreographers, pay them, rehearse with them and they will keep your performances lively. Are you saying you are musicians or do better “rap hip pop music” or whatever you call it than the P. Diddy’s, the Busterr Rymes? Big No! But these guys try as much as possible to dance, appreciate their own songs through their act on stage.

Perhaps you guys should bring key boards, guitar or pianos on stage, sit and play to us like the Don Moen and Alicia Keys do sometimes if you think you are musicians and so you shouldn’t necessarily dance. Music goes with dancing and as musicians as you call yourselves that’s one of the means or ways you can appreciate your own song, put yourselves in the mood and get your fans or the audience along. Give me a simple reason why I should scream or jump to your music when what you are doing on stage doesn’t move me or not enjoying the scenes on stage? People buy tickets to watch you perform, wow or thrill them and not only to come, sit and be tapping their feet’s to songs they already have in their homes. You guys have good products, I mean good songs and we love them. We appreciate your singing and rapping talents and I am also personally glad that “you refuse to be broke” of course poverty is a killer disease but I will advice “don’t refuse to dance” when performing, in fact “refuse to be boring on stage and if possible your music videos”. Get the crowed screaming to your act; you guys are just too boring in your performance on stage.