I Am So Happy My Call Was Heeded To; We’ve Made History – Sam Okudzeto

A former President of the Ghana Bar Association(GBA), Sam Okudzeto has said he is so happy that at long last what he has been fighting for has finally come to pass for Ghanaians to see what goes on in the court room live on Television.

“I asked for it and I did that for a very good reason. There is so much mystery as to what happens in the court, and I think it is time we demystify the judicial process to appreciate that every Ghanaian is a stakeholder or every Ghanaian to know what goes on there, no one wants to be told what goes on in the court, then the speculations goes on, then the innuendo, then the accusations come.

“It is better that everybody sees it, it is transparent, it is open and at least this is what I am happy about…the Chief Justice has taken a very important decision at this time especially a case of this nature,” he told Asempa FM.

According to the renowned lawyer, telecasting live the 2012 election petition will ease tension as done in Kenya recently.

“Kenya has done it and it has helped to defuse the tension in that country. The intensity in Kenya’s election was enormous but the way the thing was done on television completely defused the atmosphere and this is the more reason why I agitated that here and others also joined and I believe that the Chief Justice has taken a very important decision so she needs to be congratulated,” he said.

Lawyer Sam Okudzeto believes if this proceedings is handled well by the media, he will not be surprised to see more cases of such caliber been televised live not only on state media but private ones as well.

“..I don’t see the reason why in future if there an important national issues been decided at the court they cannot do the same. Since this election issue arose, I can see the intensity of the interest of many Ghanaians in the judicial process and I think this is very health for us,” he counted.