GYEEDA’s coverage of 120,000km of roads in doubt

There are doubts over claims by the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), that it has covered One Hundred and Twenty Thousand (120,000) kilometers of roads across the country since January, 2013, has raised doubts.

In September, 2010 the Government of Ghana under GYEEDA entered into a Public- Private Partnership Agreement with the Zeera Group of Companies with the ministry of Roads and Highways as the supervising agency.

Under the arrangement, the Department of Urban Roads, the Department of Feeder Roads and the Ghana Highway Authority under the Ministry of Roads and Transport identify deplorable roads under their respective jurisdiction and allocate them to Zeera Group which in turn deploys people to work on such roads.

However, the recent figure of 120,000 kilometers of road coverage across the country within the first quarter of 2013 has been received with mixed feelings especially when Zeera Group has consistently complained of stiff competition from other private companies for contracts and the failure on the part of government to release funds on time to enable it function competitively.

While it is uncommon to drive on most streets within and without the capital without sighting countless potholes and in some cases mini pools, the issue is further compounded by the fact that, the 120,000 kilometers coverage recently disclosed by the National Coordinator of the program, Mr. Awal Mohammed is said to be far in excess of the entire country’s road network which according to a 2010 World Bank Report, only amounts to some 109,515 kilometers.