Exclusive: Big Brother Africa host, IK tight-lipped about show + hints of his acting debut

IK Osakioduwa Exclusive: Big Brother Africa host, IK tight lipped about show + hints of his acting debutik bba Exclusive: Big Brother Africa host, IK tight lipped about show + hints of his acting debutIn the midst of rumours of celebrity housemates and denials, the producers of the hit reality TV show, Big Brother Africa, have managed to keep details on the upcoming 8th season close to their chest. And the 4-time host, IK Osakioduwa is also keeping a tight lid on TV’s biggest secret!

In a recent interview with IK I tried to at least squeeze some details on the theme for the season but he wouldn’t budge. He said: “Hmm there’s a theme, and I would love to say I don’t know what it is. I stumbled on something that gave me an idea of what the theme is but to expose it would mean trouble. I would love to say but I can’t say, because there would be causalities in the way of recruiting a host for Big Brother Africa and that would be the element of surprise for this season”

IK who will be returning for the fifth year as the host of Big Brother Africa also shared the feeling of hosting the biggest reality show on the continent.  He commented: “I love the feeling of doing Big Brother Africa, I love the show itself. It gets me travelling back and forth and that can be quite exhausting but at the same time I love it. I am able to import music for my radio show from South Africa, because they also have a different sound out there. I love the show and the dynamics of the show; meeting the housemates and getting to talk to them every weekend.”

Well, there was one exclusive that IK didn’t mind giving me though.  We may see soon his charming and bubbly personality on our screens.  I asked her if he had tried acting yet and he said: “No I haven’t tried acting but I really want to.  Funny enough I had met with some producers just before coming to Ghana and they were showing me a concept for a TV show they are hoping I would take part in and its looks positive. That’s something no one else knows.”

Listen to my interview with IK below: