Branch Managers at UNION Savings and Loans Ltd

Location: Greater Accra Region

UNION Savings and Loans Ltd, one of the oldest savings and loans companies in Ghana and is positioning itself to be among the three (3) top savings and loans companies by 2015 and a dominant universal bank by 2017.

Job Title: Branch Managers
Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra Region
Job Description
The branch manager, jointly with branch operations coordinator bears full responsibility for his/her branch. He/she is the team leader of branch management and a member of Union’s management team and therefore ensures that institutional business philosophies, business model, and core values are fully implemented in his/her branch.
Specific broad responsibilities include:
  • Staff Management and Development.
  • Business Planning and Business Development in line with approved business plan
  • Customer Care and Relationship Management
  • Compliance, Security and Controls
  • Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness.
  • Logistics, Facilities and Cost Management.
  • Loan Portfolio Quality.
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Reporting.
Description of Specific Responsibilities
1. Staff Management and Development
  • Ensure that recruited/confirmed branch staff have the right attitude, skills and knowledge to perform their duties.
  • Ensure (through communication and good example) that staff live Union’s corporate values always.
  • Hold regular meetings with staff to update them on institutional development.
  • Give regular and timely feedback to staff on attitude, skills and knowledge in relation to their work.
  • Set and maintain high performance standards in accordance with institutional standards.
  • Sustain staff motivation.
  • Take timely and appropriate disciplinary measures in accordance with the HR policies.
  • Carry out regular staff evaluation according to HR policy.
  • Coach and develop staff capacity to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.
  • Communicate regularly and promptly on staff development to Head Office Management, Human Resource and other related departments)
2. Business Planning and Business development.
  • Actively research into products and services required by clients and always ensure “local market” information on competitive products and services are communicated to head of business
  • Analyse operational environment and branch internal factors to propose business plan in collaboration with the relevant operational and support department(s).
  • Undertake “local market” efforts to expand catchment zones and acquire new clients.
  • Frequently assess local market developments to identify opportunities and threats and take proactive steps to leverage opportunities and minimize threats.
  • Ensure that branch capacity (ability and numbers) is commensurate with demand and market potential.
  • Ensure that branch business plan is achieved every month.
  • Ensure that the branch serves as a service point for delivering financial services to the Jospong and Zoomlion Group of companies
3. Customer Care
  • Ensure that branch workflow, structures and setup reduce inefficiencies to support good customer orientation.
  • Ensure that staff understand and maintain high standards of professionalism and customer care.
  • Take proactive steps to ensure that client needs are met in your branch.
  • Collaborate with relevant branches and departments to meet customer requirements when necessary.
  • Maintain good professional relations with all clients.
4. Compliance, Security and Controls.
  • Ensure that your branch (staff) complies with institutional policies, processes and procedures.
  • Implement specific process controls before and after transactions to minimize process risks.
  • Ensure that all institutional security measures are fully implemented in your branch.
  • Ensure that staff are well informed and trained to implement policies processes, procedures and security measures.
5. Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Plan work schedules, distribute duties and responsibilities among branch staff to ensure efficiency in workflow and effective work output.
6. Logistics, Facilities and Cost Management
  • Liaise with the relevant departments to provide and maintain required logistics (work tools) and facilities for uninterrupted running of the branch.
  • Implement institutional cost control policies/procedures.
  • Undertake the necessary independent cost analysis to understand cost centres and cost drivers within the branch and take the necessary steps to control them.
7. Loan Portfolio Quality
  • Ensure that loans approved and disbursed within your branch meet required procedural and risk mitigation standards.
  • Implement good portfolio management measures at all times.
  • Ensure that all loans are monitored effectively by client relationship officers and branch management.
  • Implement measures and structures to follow up on arrears to maintain good portfolio quality of each client relationship officer.
  • Liaise with relevant head office departments to keep PAR low always.
8. Reporting
  • Ensure timely and quality reporting by your branch to the relevant offices/departments at all times.
Qualifications and Requirements
  • Results oriented and performance driven
  • Banking experience in a high performing bank or non-bank financial institution
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and presentation abilities.
  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills
  • High degree of social competence and emotional maturity
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good knowledge and skills in Microsoft applications.
  • Professional, ethical and discretion when dealing with confidential information.
  • Committed, responsible and able to work under pressure and limited time frames.
  • Good planning and organizing skills.

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