Ben Ephson Applauds Live Telecast

Pollster and the Managing Editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper, Ben Ephson has lauded the decision to telecast live, proceedings in the Supreme Court.

Although he found it intriguing that Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood would overrule the views of the nine-member panel mediating the election dispute, he was optimistic the live broadcast would reveal the “falsity or otherwise” of the NPP’s petition.

He therefore found it good that all parties accepted the live broadcast because it will help calm down tensions associated with the election dispute.

He also added that the broadcast will set precedent for Ghana’s judiciary in its subsequent cases.

Speaking to Radio Gold, he stated that “it will be very good visually when the Supreme Court decide that look, we have this polling station; NPP petitioners say it is not signed. The EC brings original, it is signed. Mind you, in between, there are eight or nine persons who have copies. So, visually, it will be very good. It will be furthered quickly. I’m particularly interested in the case because for the first time, it will give our judiciary, the Supreme Court, the opportunity to lay down some legal authorities.”