Be agents of change, group tells Nigerians

LAGOS — Nigerians have been urged to see themselves as agents of change they desire in the country and strive to bring it about through positive attitudes.

The call was made by the National Coordinator of Do It Right Foundation, Mr Dixon Jubril during a briefing to unveil the Do It Right Campaign, in Lagos.

According to Jubril who was flanked by Mr Wisdom Barggie,  National Vice Coordinator and Mrs Obiageli Ololo, Project Officer of the group, the campaign is a mindset reorientation designed to encourage Nigerians to adopt positive attitudes and do what is right always.

He said: “This entails individual change of attitude, positive thought and actions toward Nigeria, patriotism, selfless service, faith and belief in the country because  it is only Nigerians that can make Nigeria better for all. Therefore, the essence of the campaign is perception and attitudinal change to nation building.

“We look forward to a time when Nigerians will become strong advocates and ambassadors of the country and begin to talk and act positively about Nigeria. A time when Nigerians will so much believe and have faith in the country to the point where they will rise in defence of Nigeria where ever they are. Only then will other nations respect us, treat us decently and with dignity and more importantly believe that we have truly changed for the best.

“It’s only Nigerians that can help Nigeria overcome challenges such as violence, terrorism, instability, corruption, apathy, religious and ethnic intolerance and other vices through a process of mindset re-orientation and self transformation by simply doing what is right always because a nation driven by good, patriotic, loyal and disciplined people is destined for greatness.

“Therefore, it is our belief that the task to build, transform and make Nigeria greater is a collective responsibility that requires the contribution and support of each and everyone of us, including our leaders.”

He said the group was motivated by underlying love for Nigeria, the desire ti live in a country with loving and patriotic people willing to defend the integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria.

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