After The Supreme Court Hearing, NDC Would Surely Fall From Grace To Grass

A member of the NPP’s Communications team, Kwamena Duncan has predicted that after judgment has been passed on the petition his party has presented to the Supreme Court, Ghanaians would witness the National Democratic Congress falling from grace to grass.

An optimistic Duncan noted that it appears the ruling party was tickling itself and making loud noise from the act.

He directly warned lawyer Abraham Amaliba, not engage himself in wishful thinking since the NDC, would go down in history as a party that rode on the back of stolen votes to ascend to the presidency.

Lawyer Amaliba , in an earlier interview with Okay FM, told the host that the struggle to get the NPP’s case streamed live on air wouldn’t make their case a good one.

Mr. Amaliba revealed that he has little doubt the live broadcast would increase the chances of the petitioners winning the case.

Though he welcomed the bid to stream the court proceedings live, he was emphatic to state that a rotten case would metamorphose into a good one because it is aired live.

But in an interview with, Kwamena Duncan boldly stated that per lawyer Amaliba’s notion, “it is rather mind boggling that a person who has a bad case would rather push to expose himself and subject himself to public ridicule”.

He ended by establishing that it is left to the good people of Ghana to judge between the party who has presented a good case or a bad one.