Why Complain of Gas Shortage…Weren’t We Using Firewood Afore? – Anita De Soso

The National Women’s Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita De Soso has wondered why Ghanaians are complaining of gas shortage whilst there is firewood.

“I wonder why people talk about gas, weren’t we using firewood before? Is it not former President Rawlings’s era that we started using gas? Today we have gas so that is the reason why the NPP want to sabotage the government with gas shortage, that wouldn’t work because everybody know most Ghanaians afore were not used to gas,” she stated.

According to her, Ghanaians were afraid of it usage before they became gas friendly because of it high risk.

“Most Ghanaians were afraid of gas so they did not use it, so we started educating the public on the use of gas before people started using it. We all know Ghana don’t produce gas and where we get it from too, we all know there is a problem with the West Africa Gas Pipeline. Only God knows who destroyed it just to make the NDC unpopular, but that will not work,” she clarified.

Speaking on Adom FM, Anita De Soso asserted that due to the good policy outlined by the NDC, government has been able to rectify the erratic power supply and that will be manifested soon.

“Thanks to God the Bui dam will be in use to generate power this April. The NPP when leaving office did nothing to make this project a success. It is very strange how the NPP want every good thing done by President Mahama to fail. They (NPP) don’t want the best for this nation,” she added.