Toulouse / Serge Aurier: “It’s infuriating”

Lyon, which beat Toulouse (3-1) last Sunday, as part of the 32nd day of the Championship of France. Serge Aurier has not digested the defeat of Téfécé.

The Franco-Ivorian right-back did not hesitate to point out the central defense of TFC in the columns of L’Equipe :

“I am angry and that’s okay, because I’m a competitor. It is frustrating to go every weekend at home and be ashame. We still lost on large individual errors. We have again committed the same as against Nice (3-4). If for every game, we should score more than three goals to win … That gets me drunk to see us falling and back into our lack of concentration. We must fulfill our contracts by reaching the objectives of the club. I am eagerly waiting for the end of the season. ‘