The Values Of NPP Would One Day Become The Values Of Ghana – Sammy Awuku

The Deputy Communications Director for the New Patriotic Party, Samuel Awuku has congratulated the Chief Justice of the land, Justice Georgina Woode for recognizing the need for the court to stream live all of its proceedings as they happen.

Mr. Awuku explained to that it wasn’t the sole aim of the NPP to have their case streamed live on the airwaves but rather, to fight to ensure that the values of the party becomes that of the nation someday.

He explained that unlike the NDC who had their move toppled over when they decided to go to court in 2004 after the general elections, the current petitioners were well prepared before presenting their case to the court.

He was also optimistic the petition would yield positive results for the party.

According to the NPP scribe, it has now come to pass that the toils and calls on the Supreme Court to telecast the proceedings of the NPP’s petition live, didn’t fall on deaf ears and he is grateful for that.

“This is victory for the petitioners and the nation as a whole,” he said.