The military cannot govern Ghana-Bishop Lodonu

Ho, Apr. 15, (Kanyi) GNA-Most Reverend Francis A.K Lodonu, Catholic Bishop of Ho on Monday asserted that the military is incapable of governing Ghana.

‘It is not possible for the military to govern Ghana.  Democracy is very entrenched here and even if the country collapses, the call will be for re-election and not military coup d’état,’ he said.

Bishop Lodonu was speaking to the Ghana News Agency over fears that that economic conditions and labour agitations in the country could trigger a military overthrow.

He said the Church and other civil society organizations would not tolerate military takeover because they believed that a ‘bad democratic government is better than a good military government.’

Bishop Lodonu said Ghana has become the ‘torchbearer’ for democracy in West Africa and that suggestions and fear for military coup d’états were far-fetched.

He called for calm at the labour front and attributed the current agitations in the labour front to lack of adequate preparation before the implementation of the Single Spine Pay Policy.

‘It appears things are not working well. The confusion is natural,’ Bishop Lodonu noted.

He urged government to remain calm, thoughtful and depend on ‘think-tanks’ instead of giving quick responses and retracting them later.

Mr Mark Woyongo, Minister for Defence in an interaction with military personnel at the 66 Artillery Regiment on Thursday called on officers in the military to hold regular durbars with other ranks and explain developments in the country to them.

He said such interactions were necessary to disabuse their minds of causing unrest in the country in view of ‘certain comments in the media aimed at causing unrest.’