Suspects In UK Cannabis Bust May Be Released—NACOB Hints

Executive Secretary of the Narcotic Control Board (NACOB), Yaw Akrasi Sarpong has warned that the three persons standing trail for the exportation of cannabis to the UK, may be set free.

This according to him is because the Security Services in the UK have refused to tender in court as evidence, the results of the scientific test of the cannabis.

Border officers at Heathrow Airport last year made their biggest cannabis seizure in three years after containers arriving on a plane from Ghana were found with drugs worth £4.3 million.

Some 3 persons are currently standing trail for their roles in the export of the substance.

Mr. Akrasi Sarpong told Citi News, all efforts to get the UK authorities to submit the results of their investigations have not been successful.

“The courts are not going to take newspaper reports. Where is the evidence that what was there was cocaine? We have to bring the evidence so the London guys have to bring the test. If they did a test on the drugs in London, they have to bring the results of the scientific analysis.”

He clarified that his outfit could not force the UK authorities to tender in the evidence because “if you are going to complain about it and make a lot of noise about it, then as part of the shared responsibility, let us have the analysis and somebody has to come and tender that analysis.”

Mr Sarpong noted that NACOB “have done our part; we arrested the guy, we found out and arrested all the guys.”