Singing From The Heart?: Captain Planet puts name of rumored girlfriend into new 4×4 song!!!

captain planet and Uche Singing From The Heart?: Captain Planet puts name of rumored girlfriend into new 4x4 song!!!Could this be Captain Planet’s way of confirming previous media reports about a love affair between the leader of Hiplife group 4X4 Captain Planet and the Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Ghana Uche Ofodile? The two according to  have been dating for about two years now but they have both refused to talk about it or confirm their relationship publicly but it seems their actions are giving them away. 

Even though Captain Planet and Uche do not attend public events together in Ghana, they have been spotted at some private events in Ghana and they mostly attend high profile programs and also go on holidays together outside Ghana. The celebrity lovers have been spotted together at several holiday destinations in South Africa, UK, Dubai, America, and France among others.

The most recent and a direct confirmation of their love affair is a line in the group’s latest single title “Anadwo yede”(Sweet Night) in which Captain Planet himself mentions Uche’s full name referring to her as the love of his life among others things.

Listening to Captain Planet’s verse in the new single which has a Highlife feel, it appears Captain Planet is proposing to Uche Ofodile.
Captain Planet whose verse is the third and last on song uses his entire rap verse to describe a particular woman with many sugar-coated words and ended up saying “Wetin na ur name Ofodile Uche”.It is as though the entire song was made for Uche.

They refused to deny or confirm when reports came out few weeks ago that they were planning a secret marriage and Captain Planet’s line is definitely not a denial. However Captain Planet told the media to “concentrate on NDC and NPP issues and leave my private life alone”, he wrote on his facebook.

According to investigations both families are aware of their relationship and their marriage plans and are only awaiting the wedding date as we gather that they visit Uche’s homeland Nigeria where her family is based on regular basis and this was also confirmed in the second verse of the song performed by Coded.

Check out the lyrics of “Anadwo yede”(Sweet Night) 

Oooh noooo….No easy…oh my babeeee.. Sexy ladyyyy …I jst wana carry u home..oooh oh ..

(Fressh Prince verse)..

Girl ur bak n front I dey lyk am..
Make me wana put dat ring up on ur finger..
bak it up make a badman arrange am..
Lemme see u go low girl make u bend down.
O bend down make I giv u ginger.
Girl u neva knw me sweet pass fanta.
wana be de only one to poke inna ur center.
poke inna ur center..
girl I no mean to playy.
Girl I mean am yeeehh.
And I know for ur mind e be say u dey feel am d same.
See how my body dey tingolo as me n u dey tangolo.
Give it to me tonight no b say u go put me for tomorrow

Let me luv u tonite heyy yaa yeee.
let me take u home tonite Heyy yaa yee.
Anadwo b3y3 d3 oooo heyy yaa yeeee.
na me n u tonite yieee.
na me n u tonight.

(Coded verse)
Anadwooo yiii me ne odo b3 bue bibi su akyireh meeee.
3nyumreiiiiii mi ni odo b3 fru odo mpa
Aha mi gb3 ma la m) noko.
akweley bi naa w)ko l)biw)l)biw)ko o
Me d) no paaapa ne si mu gyireh ne nanti3 ne hips s3 na 3ti3 na ekum mee.
odo k) fr3 abusua aba .
Me nso me k) fr3 me maami aba.
.3n3 y3nda ma obi ada… Y3b3 di agro d33d3w bii yeeehh..2x

(Captain Planet’s VERSE)
Haaaaaaaa enyeh wo deh enyeh wo deh
Na me be the mr lover man shaba.
Tonite i dey want ride u like okada.
I promise to luv u over n again again n again n again n again 2x

Tonight I go follow follow go ur place by false no long talk.
N If u wine ur waist then i start to dey craze o my god nan dnt fall.
Ur love don’t shock me electricity.
My Body don’t shake like epilepsy.
U open my heart faster than google homepage.
My luv for u more than justin beiber fan base.
Na u go dey send me to my early grave.
Omor u go kill person oo murder case.
Any man touch u he go dey jail.
My property nobody fit overtake.
Na only me n u wanna body for relate.
Even though I know some people go dey hate.
We go dey 1 corner just to celebrate.
The thing u dey want i get chocolate.
Kitay wortay.
Menshweh obia sheh chale wortey.
The formula tonight go b give n take.
Papa u can say that again n again
Again n again n again n again