Rejoinder to AGMED press statement on GMA strike

Rejoinder to AGMED press statement on GMA strike

Members of the medical fraternity are shocked to hear about the formation of a new medical association in Ghana.

Most of us Doctors, only heard about this new group in the media even though their executives are all well known to us.

Let me state categorically that this group only exists on paper. They have no office, no structures and no moral, legal or ethical mandate to negotiate on behalf of any doctor in this country.

On the 28th of March 2013 the General Secretary of this illegal group was on various social media platforms expressing his solidarity with GMA and the impending strike action.

On the 10 of April, these same executives were not only adding their voices to our cause but were even castigating personalities who have expressed their opposition to the strike action.

It therefore came as a shock when within hours these same individuals were now calling our strike illegal and calling on GMA to rescind its decision.

We have evidence and comments made by the executives on social media a few days before their statement came out which sharply contradicts the content of their press statement and we wish to condemn this cowardly act and call on all doctors in this country to avoid associating themselves with this group.

We know the Government officials and personalities behind this infantile act and we wish to encourage Government to use its scarce resources to tackle the root cause of the strike rather than sponsoring such futile and non existent groups in an attempt to break our front.

I have no doubt that after this strike action, the AGMED will cease to exist and their few members will rejoin our mother group.

AGMED only exists in the minds of a few confused doctors and I pray the media will cease to glorify their shameful treacherous acts.

If they have any suggestions or alternatives as to how the deadlock with FWSC could be broken we are all ready to listen and to receive them back into the mother group if only they are bold enough to resist their financial sponsors.

Dr Joseph Gyanteh
(Member of GMA)