Q&a: Ghana’s David Accam Speaks To The Swedish Media About His Life, Education And Football

Posted On Monday, 15th April 2013

David Accam at training with his Helsingborg team-mates

David Accam at training with his Helsingborg team-mates

The 22-year-old Helsingborg attacker talks about his focus on education and football as well as his dreams for the future. 

The former Right to Dream Academy graduate holds a coaching certificate B but he says his interest is not in coaching.

“Getting an education was important to me. My parents also saw education as more important than football, that I was in England.”

The journey from Accra, Ghana, to Helsingborg in Sweden went via England where he was at the side of football got a degree in sports science at university.

“It was not easy to combine football with studies. But with the right focus it went.”

Accam also holds a coaching certificate B. When jokingly asked about whether he’s ready to take over from Roar Hansen as Helsingborg’s coach when the position becomes available, he laughs about it and says he is not interested in taking position from the touchline.

“Haha, absolutely not. I’m not interested in becoming a coach, but you have to fill your luggage with as much as possible when the opportunity exists.”

He is also talks about he eager is to learn Swedish.

“I want to learn the language wherever I may be, in six months maybe we can do the interview in Swedish. For me it’s about showing respect for my culture. Who knows what will happen in the future. I may end up working in Sweden, who knows? So I have to learn the language.”

Most young guys bank their dreams entirely on football and do not consider any other things. But Accam is different.

David Accam

David Accam

“I’ve always had two ways, either be a professional footballer or continue studying. Football is a short career and you never know what can happen. Your career could end overnight.”

You had a wonderful season with Östersund in the Division and most top-flight clubs came after your signature but you chose to join Helsingborg.

“I wanted to go to Hacken. It was my absolute first choice. I liked the way they play. Even Malmö were included because their style of play suits me well.”

But he moved to Helsingborg a family he describes as welcoming.

“Helsingborg showed me a great respect, especially Jesper Jansson (sports director), and it got me thinking. I love being here.”

Ask about how long he plans to remain with Helsingborg, the 22-year-old says he would like to play in a top league in Europe for two season or more.

“I have a goal to play in a great league for two years and it may come sooner than later, but I have to concentrate on Helsingborg now.”

He is only 22 years, but he has already managed to build himself so much experience that he can share.

“You want to be something it’s about setting realistic goals. You cannot say “I’ll be like Zlatan” without preconditions. You must know and feel your own circumstances. It is not watching TV and say “I’ll be like him. I look up to players like Aaron Lennon and Theo Walcott who has the same playing style. I can not say I want to be like Messi or Ronaldo.”

In a large survey conducted by The Gallup International Association in 2012, Ghana is ranked as the world’s most religious country. And, David Accam is no exception. It is God who directs his action.

“I go to church meetings with Alvaro Santos here in Helsingborg and God is ever present and lead my way. My upbringing is deeply Christian. I do not drink alcohol and do not swear. It’s just the way my parents raised me.”

Accam says there is only one thing he hates in football life.

“I am a shy guy who does not like to be in the spotlight. I just want to be out on the pitch and playing football.”