President Mahama and NDC file affidavits

President Mahama (NDC)

President Mahama (NDC)

Accra, April 15, GNA – The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and President John Dramani Mahama on Monday jointly filed their affidavits in readiness for the hearing of the substantive election petition case on Tuesday, April 16.

The filing of the affidavits by the respondents to the petitioner’s sworn statement are in accordance with the Supreme Court order at the last sitting.

Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, General Secretary of the NDC, who led the respondent’s team to file the affidavits, arrived at the Supreme Court premises around 15.45 hours in order to beat the five-day filing deadline which expires on Monday.

In all 150 boxes of sworn affidavits from the respondents were brought to the court in six Pickup vehicles.

Besides, due to the voluminous nature of the affidavits, the court clerks had to ensure they took proper custody for all the materials submitted by the respondents. 

Mr Victor Kojoga Adawudu, member of the NDC legal team, said the affidavits they filed at the Supreme Court Registry was on behalf of President Mahama and the NDC party.

He said the interest of both President Mahama and the NDC were jointly linked together and would go ahead to pursue that interest.

He said a lot of the affidavits that they were bringing to the court came from their polling station agents across the country.

Mr Adawudu said though the respondents were not served on time by the petitioners they managed to collocate all the affidavits from all the polling stations across country.

He said the NDC and President Mahama had long prepared for the case and would tell the whole world the evidence they had gathered from the various polling stations.

He said due to the large quantities of the polling station materials the court clerks would require more hands to complete the filing processes and this was likely to take some time.