Police arrest Kade ‘Chief’

Personnel of the Ghana Police Service on Friday arrested one Twum Debrah a claimant to the Kade Chieftaincy dispute accused of stealing equipment of a mining company in Prankesi near Kade in the Eastern region.

Twum Debrah, who until his arrest, had installed himself as the Chief of Kade Traditional Area, is also the Chief Executive officer of Brookland Ghana limited.

Mr Twum Debrah’s co-conspirator, Italian businessman Paolo Chiappini, who had also been on police wanted list for sometime now, in connection with series of transaction which the police are investigating, was also detained in connection with the alleged theft.

The two suspects allegedly invaded the mining site of the company name withheld and moved the equipment which included excavators, bulldozers, dumptrucks, loadbeds and water pumps. The two men have been charged with stealing and unlawful entry.

Mr Twum Debrah is deeply involved in the current chieftaincy crisis in Kade. In May last year, he together with the Krontihene of Kade Traditional Area, Denkyi Ampem-Darko were allegedly remanded in Police custody for four days. The two leaders were arrested for breach of public peace following attempts to enstool a new chief in the area.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service commenced investigations into a case of alleged falsification of documents by the Italian businessman, Paolo Chiapinni, in August 2011, following a bank transaction.

Mr. Chiapinni, Financial Director of Palazzo Mining Ghana Limited, is accused of forging the signature of one of the partners of the firm to enable him transfer an amount of 14,000 euros out of the country from the company’s joint account into his own account.

The company, upon a tip-off from the bank, then reported the matter to the police, leading to Mr. Chiapinni’s detention at the Nima Divisional Police Command on Monday August 1, 2011.

A journalist from the Informer newspaper, an NDC government mouthpiece, who claims to be operating from the Castle, the seat of government, after hours of Mr. Chiapinni’s arrest, stormed the Nima Police Station and got a police enquiry bail for the Italian.

According to sources at the Nima Police Station, barely 24 hours after the suspect was granted bail, a phone call came from the Police Headquarters, Accra, requesting that the case be transferred to them. After that, nothing was heard about the case again.

On April 11, 2011, Mr. Chiapinni was said to have attempted to transfer an amount of 14,000 euros of the company’s money at the bank into his personal account and in the process allegedly forged the signature of Lorenzo Palazzo as having authorized the transaction. He later went to the bank to check if the transfer had gone through but when the bank told him they could not authorize the transfer because they suspected the signature had been forged, Mr. Chiapinni requested for the cheque, and in the presence of the bank staff, tore it into pieces in anger and left.

According to the source, the bank alerted the other signatories to the account and also kept copies of the document destroyed by Mr. Chiapinni.

The police is still investigating this particular incident forgery.